The Russians Have Arrived!

Some great artwork I found online that really meshes with the lore for Gatewar's Neo-Sovs.

Last weekend our group had its first test game of Tomorrow’s War just to familiarize ourselves with the rules. There was a fair amount of unpainted terrain so we didn’t bother with documenting it, as the key goal of the exercise was to learn the system so we can jump into a campaign in the near future.

One cool thing, though, was that we got to check out the progress everybody has made on their 15mm sci-fi miniatures. I was able to get some decent shots, so the first army to get written up is the Neo-Sov force by Bret “B-Man” Rood. This is another combo entry where I’ll feature some Gatewar File background info and follow up with Armory details on the modeling involved. Enjoy!

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[News] Gruntz Needs Your Help!

A preview of the Gruntz

Robin over at has just posted an appeal to his players to help support their favorite 15mm sci-fi miniatures ruleset and aid in covering the costs of the development for their upcoming “Barracks” army builder program. To help kickstart this awesome-looking project, click the link here and get started!

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[News] New Releases from Brigade Models!

Human Mercenaries by Brigade Models

Brigade Models has just released their imposing new AmRep Curtiss Heavy Hover Tank, along with some new infantry units – Human Mercenaries and Alien Bounty Hunters! These awesome figures are continuing to grow the 15mm sci-fi miniatures hobby as the models available to players grows like wildfire!

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