15mm Sci-fi Miniatures Suppliers

Here’s the current listing of 15mm sci-fi miniatures suppliers in alphabetical order. If you’re a minis provider and you don’t see your site up here, please contact me so I can fix that ASAP! In the future I will be adding separate pages for each company.


Astro Miniatures



Oddzial Osmy – Picoarmor.com


Ravenstar Studios



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    Patrick April 10, 2013

    Hello, I noticed that you did not have Alternative Armies 15mm listed.


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    Cosmic Sword of Yuggoth February 10, 2014

    [...] for future reference). In truth, it was looking for miniatures which put me off. I found some promising companies, but my nerve failed when I realised I’d be painting at the smallest scale I’d tried [...]


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